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Now available in Shoppes Four Season @ Robinsons KL!

You Feel Good, When You Smell Good

Kissthepink's fragrances hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur!

We hear you! To make it easier for our members you can now touch and feel our product right at Robinsons KL @ Shoppes Four Season Level G!

1. Kissthepink Candle

Each and every candle was hand-poured in small batches with love. Using imported 100% premium natural soy wax for those who are looking for an affordable luxury candle experience.

Tip: Remember to burn the candle for at least 1-2 hour for the wax to melt properly for the first time to avoid tunneling.

2. Kissthepink Diffuser

Known for its floral infused in the bottle, the simple design holds iconic fragrances scenting small spaces over period of months.

3. Kissthepink Wax Tablet

Known for its minimalist design hand made in Hexagon shapes where you can hang around wardrobes or small corners to transform the atmosphere around you with scent.

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