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Why Hand Poured Candles Are More Healthy

Hand poured candles are actually a more healthy type of candle to choose from and here’s why. First off, it’s incredibly hard to produce a large amount of candles in a factory with only humans, which means the odds of a hand poured candle being made in a factory are very low. Secondly, most hand poured candles are produced by artisans with health in mind. They aren’t interested in creating a product that has dangerous carcinogens that might harm the health of the owner over time, so they add only natural chemicals like essential oils. Small time candle shops aren’t pressed for time like factories are, so they’re more interested in creating a healthy product. Whenever possible, you should use only hand poured candles in order to ensure a healthy experience. If you'd like more information about hand poured candles, please contact us at our online shop for hand-poured candles.                         

Passion for candles and home fragrances of two friends led the humble beginnings of Kiss The Pink’s online candle shop. Inspired by the idea of desserts, every hand poured candle at our online candle shop uses natural wax as its key blend ingredients 100% non toxic. With a twist of contemporary design, Kiss The Pink aims to fulfill a lack of fine quality and affordable organic candles in the market without compromising on its quality. 

Your next home coming and gifting experience will be as heart warming as having your favorite dessert in your bedroom. So come and shop today for hand-poured candles at our online candle shop at

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